Enhancements: you asked, we answered

Posted over 7 years ago

One of the cool things about beta mode is that it allows us to get fantastic feedback from users and then make changes so SeRiouS gives you exactly what you want.  Folks wanted it to be easier to turn entire topics on and off.  Bam.  Done.  Now, when you're looking at the Core Deck, you can shut off an entire topic by clicking a button.  Just remember to turn it back on again when you want to look at it!

There are more enhancements to come based on your feedback (as you might have noticed, we're streamlining the tagging system...another updated based on user feedback).  Please keep new suggestions coming.  If you like something, don't like it, or just want to say hi, hit the "Feedback" button on the bottom of any screen, or e-mail gabe@spacedrepetition.com.