Posted almost 5 years ago

This is a "how to" list, as well as answers to common questions users ask about the site.  Don't see your question answered?  Email us and we'll help!

How to study a card the right way:

  • Log in > click “Study Now!” circular button > read front of card/think of answer (but only for a moment - recall should be nearly instantaneous) > click on card to flip it > read answer and rate yourself 1 (know it worst) to 5 (know it best).  Algorithm will then set the next time to study and deliver the next card in the queue

To study a specific set of cards (e.g. *only* Civ Pro but not Crim):

  • Log in > click “My Stack” tab > click “Study this Set Only” on relevant deck

To search for free cards/sets/users (for those w/ Create-and-Share Option):

  • Log in > click “Discover” tab > type topic/name in search box and hit enter

To create a deck of cards (for those w/ Create-and-Share Option):

  • Log in > click “My Stack” tab > click “New Custom Set” > name set > click save > Add cards (either by doing them one at a time on this page, or by clicking on the template and uploading them in bulk

To find out what classmates/community members are using the site:

  • Log In > click on “My Group” > click on any user to see what decks they’re subscribed to

To modify contact information or password:

  • Log In > click on “Settings” > modify relevant information

To cancel an account:

  • Log In > click on “Settings” > click on “Cancel my account” at bottom of screen

What is the purpose of the timer?

  • When users study cards, there is a 10 minute countdown timer.  The goal is to help students not over-do it. If the 10 minutes expires, just finish reviewing the old cards, and quit for the day.  You *can* keep going and do new cards, but the goal of this timer is to keep the time required slow-and-steady