What if You Could use AI to Significantly Improve Law School Grades & Bar Performance...for $5/month? You can.

Posted over 6 years ago

Law Students Learn More in Less Time By Using the Artificial Intelligence Underlying Spaced Repetition

We want every law student in America to use SeRiouS because we know that it'll make them learn more and put them at a huge advantage when it comes to nailing exams and passing the bar.  One thing we discovered in the past year is that some students just want to make their own cards, while others just want to use premium content created by professors for them.  Paying for both was a turn off for these people.  So, we want to make this a no-brainer proposition.  Users can now choose one of these options, or both of them.  We've dropped the price significantly, so that people can simply buy what they need on an a-la-carte basis.  For a Create-and-Share account, users pay just $5/month.  The Boost Deck (formerly called the Core Deck) is separately available for $99.  There's a free trial, either way, so if you're new to this and not sure if it's for you, try it with no risk!


SeRiouS uses the cutting-edge technology of spaced repetition to help law students learn nearly three times as much in less than half the time.