What if someone built a tool so good they guaranteed bar failers would pass the next time?

Posted about 5 years ago

Well, it that's time of year again: bar exam results are coming out.  So far, the data is not good.  Above The Law reports that at least one school had a 30% pass rate.  Oof.

That shouldn't be and we can all do better by harnessing cutting-edge technology and studying content created by law professors.  

So, here's an offer to anyone who failed the July 2015 bar.  We can help you pass.  In fact, we guarantee that you'll pass.  Here's how:

  • sign up for the SeRiouS Boost Deck before 11/15/15.  It's $99. 
  • Email us here and tell us that you're claiming the guarantee deal.  Along with that , tell us at least one reason why it's personally important to you to pass the bar exam.
  • Use SeRiouS for a few minutes every day (some days it'll be 3 minutes, others 10 or so) between now and the bar.  Every day, you'll get a few new cards to see and older ones to review.  Just do the cards from any computer or smart phone.
  • Once it does work and you pass the next go-round, tell everyone you know how helpful SeRiouS was.  This one we can't enforce, but you'll want to do it anyway!

That's all.  Do it and you'll pass.  If you don't, we'll give you your money back.   No fine print, we'll just cut you a check.

Not sure if it's for you?  No problem, you can try the Boost Deck for free for seven days.


Sound good?