We Built a FREE MPRE Study Tool to Show You How Effective the Science of SeRiouS is. Come and Use It!

Posted about 3 years ago

For law students, passing the MPRE exam is a necessary step on the way to sitting for the bar.  It's not a hard test, per se, but it's not easy, either.  And very year, I have a student or two who waits for the last minute, doesn't study hard enough, and is prevented from taking the bar right after graduation as a result.  What a hassle.  Now, I'm not suggesting any student should wait for the last minute to take the MPRE.  Don't. You never know what could happen: your car could break down on the way to the testing center, you could catch the flu, or you could just have a terrible day on the day of the exam.

BUT, we wanted to make it so that every law student could have a tool that would make them pass the MPRE (even if they haven't taken Ethics yet!).  By harnessing the science of spaced repetition, we can let students learn all they need to know, in the minimum amount of time.  All for free. Content?  Not only that, but we've studied the outline of tested materials, and we're giving each student the black letter law the examiners ask about...and the materials were created by law professors, including a national authority in the topic.

So here's how you use the science of SeRiouS to pass the MPRE:

1. Read a quick overview of the test, so you know what to expect. Here is a link.

2. Read the rules that are tested.  Just read 'em through once, comments and all: Here they are.

3. Sign up for the FREE SeRiouS MPRE Deck.  Spend just a few minutes a day studying only the cards the system tells you to.  Rate your knowledge, then move on.  Behind-the-scenes, our algorithm will then schedule your next review to let you learn the maximum amount in the minimum time.

4. Take a practice test or two.  Here's a link to some free ones (these aren't created by us, but they're solid...and don't require you to pay $3,000 to sign up for a big box Bar Prep company to use them).

That'll do it.  With the science of SeRiouS, you'll learn more than you ever believed possible.  Try it, you'll see.