New Feature: Invite Others to Co-Own or View Sets

Posted over 7 years ago

Some folks like sharing the cards they've created (which is fantastic! Part of our goal is to build a crowdsourced, school/prof/course-specific library of flashcards for everyone to use).  Other folks prefer privacy. 


Well, we've created a middle ground: you can now create a private set and invite whoever you choose.  You can decide to let them "co-own" the set (i.e. giving them the power to add/edit/delete cards), or you can invite others to just view them, but not edit, them.

Here's how:  go to the "My Stack"  page.  Click on any set you created.  Once the set opens up, click on the "Manage Set" button (upper right corner, with the gear icon).  From there, you'll see a column on the right side of the screen to use to invite others to use the set.