Introducing CRAM Mode

Posted over 7 years ago

The big exam is tomorrow.  There's no time to review cards at a painless, leisurely pace like you usually do on SeRiouS (or, maybe you're a bit neurotic and, despite having reviewed using the SeRiouS algorithm, you want to study even more on the day before the test dangit!).  That's why we've created CRAM mode.  To access it, go to My Stack and open any deck you're subscribed to.  In the upper-left corner of the deck, notice that coffee cup?  Click on it, and you'll be able to cram as much as you'd like.  Choose a specific topic within the deck, or do the entire thing.  

No, it's not the optimal method for long-term retention (use the regular SeRiouS cards for that), but it IS effective if you're freaking out in the final day or two before an exam.  There is no scoring to do with cram mode based on how well you knew the answer; just pure, plain electronic flashcards to use for your last-minute needs.  Just remember, when the exam passes, the most efficient use of your energy will be to just do a few moments a day using SeRiouS's spaced repetition algorithm.